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Tips to Help You Move into the New Year

Walk, run, ride, dance, press, bend.  It’s time to move into the New Year.

move into the new year

Moving everyday is as natural for me as brushing my teeth every morning.  It’s a non-negotiable.  My day doesn’t go well if I don’t get up in the morning and include some sort of sweat session.

Now, the duration and the type of movement depends on the day.  Most days it includes running or biking because, well, I’m a cardio junkie.  

Other days it may be a yoga flow or strength session.  

I know that intentional movement everyday (exercise, workout, call it whatever you’d like) is not something that everyone aspires to do nor is it something that comes easily to some people.  

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How to Set Yourself Up For Your Best Year Yet

Are you ready for your best year yet?

Your Best Year Yet

Last week I shared my word and verse for the year and more importantly I shared that I wasn’t quite ready for 2018 when it arrived.  And I’m still coasting into it.  

I haven’t set a ton of big goals or major plans, BUT I do have some focus.  And that came after I took last week to walk, not run, into the New Year.

In fact, we did it together in the Facebook group.  I shared how we can set our goals, plans, intentions, resolutions (call them whatever you will).  Facebook  lives are still available in the group so feel free to stop by and catch up!  

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2018 is Here! Are You Ready? I Wasn’t Exactly.

2018 is here!  In fact, it arrived a few days ago.  Are you ready?  Were you ready?  

2018 is here. Are you ready?

I wasn’t exactly and still working on it.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t have everything planned out when January 1 rolled around.  

Take this post, for instance.  I didn’t even start it until January 1st.  Everyone else had published their year in review and goals blog, and this was nothing more than a few ideas in my head.

And then there was my word and my verse for the year.  

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