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Christmas in July 2017! It’s Time to Share My Favorite Things

I love Christmas!  And what better time to do a little Christmas celebrating than in the middle of summer????  So Merry Christmas in July 2017!

Christmas in July 2017

I love all things Christmas!  About now is when I start thinking about Christmas and gifts I want to buy.  It’s not too early to start shopping, is it?

I also love to read those posts that people write about their favorite things or things they are loving lately.  I don’t do them much but I did decide to take some time to share some of my favorite things with you for Christmas in July 2017.  Maybe this will become an annual tradition.  Who knows??  I did do a post similar to this last year but then moved most of the content to my Favorite Things page.

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Race Recap: 2016 Santa Hustle Indy 5K

Even though this is my 2016 Santa Hustle race recap with a race date of December 18, 2016, the full recap had a beginning back in the summer.

2016 Santa Hustle

If you’ve visited here before, you may have seen mention of my knee arthritis diagnosis.  The problems started after my Chicago half marathon the end of May.  It threw my whole running world into a spin.  What started as a little pain that I thought was just overuse and needed to rest became a diagnosis (after 2 doctor opinions and x-rays and MRI) that I have arthritis in both knees.  It just happened to be exhibiting in one knee.

Prognosis:  Arthritis.  Bad knees.  Learn to manage it.  Which has meant drastically reducing my running mileage and also changing some race plans.

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Christmas Anticipation: Quieting Our Hearts Amid the Hustle and Bustle

Anticipation.  Excitement in the waiting.


If you’re a runner in Indiana, and if friends and family know you’re a runner in Indiana, what question do you start hearing as the month of May gets closer?? “Are you running The Mini?”  Here in Indiana, EVERYBODY knows what “The Mini” is.  It’s only the largest half marathon around.  It’s the 500 Festival Mini Marathon.  You know, that 13.1 miles that’s run on the first Saturday of May that takes you around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway??  I’ve run this race 19 times.  I’ve run both my fastest and my slowest half marathon times at this event.  

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