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How to Build Self-Confidence with Self-Care


How to Build Self-Confidence with Self-Care

When I was growing up my self-confidence suffered.  I never felt good about myself. I often wanted to hide and blend into the background.  In fact, to this day my default mode would be to disappear into the crowd. I’m a homebody and still choose an (early!) evening in on any occasion.  But that no longer has to do with my level of self-confidence. It simply has to do with my preferences and how I’m wired.

At this point in my life I wouldn’t describe myself as having low self-confidence.  I’ve grown into myself, I guess you could say. I’m okay with who I am, and I’m confident to do the things life requires of me.  But it’s taken some work. I’m still a work in progress. Because I like myself doesn’t mean I think I’m perfect or that I don’t have days I struggle.  Just recently I was struggling with some overwhelm, and I realized that I have held onto a few negative experiences that make me feel less than in certain situations.  

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I’m 46 and I’m Okay

I’m 46 years old today, and I’m okay with that!

okay at 46

Last year I posted 4.5 things I’d learned in 45 years.  So over the last year did I learn that thing I was only halfway to?  

First let’s review:

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Pros and Cons of Summer

Let’s face it, there are pros and cons of summer season.  Sure, a lot of that depends on the type of person you are…cold nature versus warm nature maybe?  Perhaps your job allows you for some time off in the summer or maybe you have a job that ramps up mid-year.

pros and cons of summer

No matter your view of summer, it can be a great time to step up our health and fitness game. Some things come more easily in the summer, but there are also cons to the summer months as well. Let’s see how we can capitalize on the pros and how we can fix the cons.

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