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3 Reasons to do Fitness Together

A key to sticking to a fitness plan and getting fit is to do fitness together.  Having an accountability partner has been shown to be a key to overall sustained health and fitness.

Do Fitness Together

We were never meant to do life on our own.  Back at Creation in Genesis,  God said it wasn’t good that man should be alone.  When God ordered Noah to build the ark, He told him to take TWO of every kind of animal along for the ride 🙂  I believe our fitness journey is no different.  We need a friend, a community to do this fit life with.  We are better if we do fitness together.  

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I have been blessed to be a part of some great groups of people who have supported and encouraged me along the way.  

3 main reasons to do fitness together

  1. Accountability – Especially if you’re just beginning on your fitness journey, it’s good to have someone to check in with.  Our running group has 3 meeting times each week, and we even take attendance.  That keeps us accountable.  Or you may have a training partner that’s expecting you at the gym at 5:30AM.  You’re not going to want to leave them standing!  Accountability helps you stick with it and make it a habit.  It keeps you honest!
  2. Support and Encouragement – When things get tough, it’s easier to keep going when someone is cheering us along.  It’s nice to have friends along the course when we’re running a big race or texts from someone saying “Good luck” or “Great job”.   
  3. Stretch and Grow – When you’re with other people, you just work harder.  You go farther or faster than you would on your own.  When you’re checking in with an online group about your daily food intake, you’re more apt to follow your plan knowing others are doing the same.  You’re just able to do more than you ever thought you could, because you have the courage to do it.  

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I always thought I was just fine on my own when it came to my running and to my weight management.  I liked my solo runs, and I’ve counted calories and thought I knew everything I needed to know about nutrition.  But I was so wrong.  When I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and joined Shelby Roadrunners over 10 years ago, I realized how neat it was to have a “fitness family”.  They held me accountable.  They wanted to know where I was when I didn’t show up.  When I first started running, I felt like I was just chasing them.  But as time went on, I got stronger and faster.  I’ve run times and distances I never would have had I not joined the group.  

When I decided to sign up with a coach and an online community of women who wanted to focus on faith and fitness, I realized I still had a lot to learn about my motivations and priorities.  I grew stronger in my faith and learned about proper nutrition.  I became vulnerable about my struggles and found acceptance and encouragement.  

I Thessalonians 5:11 tells us to “comfort each other and edify one another”.  And Hebrews 10:24-25 encourages us to “stir up love and good works….assemble together….and exhort one another.”  

We were created for community.  We need each other.  My running community and my online girls and my “Fit & Free” friends are really family to me.  I can’t imagine doing life without them.  


I’d love to hear from you…

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Follow the Plan: What To Do When You’re Just Not Feeling It

I’m not feeling it today.

There’s a plan.  I have one to follow.  

I feel better when I follow the plan.  

 just not feeling it

But what happens when you’re not feeling it?  Everything in your right mind tells you it’s all good for you, you’ll feel better doing it this way, but you just don’t wanna.  

You want to hit the snooze.  

You want to indulge in all the goodies.  

That little voice is telling you it’s not worth it.  It says you’ll never get there.  You’re just spinning your wheels.  

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Motivation Can Be Found In Your Why

Motivation.  Where do you find it?  How can I get some?  You’re so motivated!  I’m just not.


how to find your motivation

Let’s face it….it’s hard to do the right thing.  It’s hard to eat right.  Exercise 6 days a week.  That’s hard.  It’s hard to refrain from gossip.   You want me to smile and wave at the driver who cut me off?  I’m not sure about that.  It’s hard to save money.  Life can just be hard sometimes.  Even a lot of the time it can be hard.  We all have our areas of struggle and weakness.  Given that this is primarily a health and fitness blog, I’m going to focus on that part in the “life is hard” scenario.  

Motivation.  It’s the top thing I get asked about.

Why should I get up 15-30 minutes early so I can workout?  Do I really need to pass on a second helping?  Why should I strength train?  Is my sugar intake really that big of a deal?  I should drink how much water everyday???

Well, I can’t answer all these questions for you, but in your questions lie the answer.  The answer is “Why”.  It’s YOUR “Why”.  And only you can figure that one out.  

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You see, all these things that are hard, well they aren’t necessarily things we have to do.  I mean, you don’t have to exercise.  Go ahead and eat that dessert if you want it.   I know people who barely drink one glass of water a day.  

But we want to do those things.  If you’re reading this, I know you desire to honor the body God has given you.  I know you want to be fit and healthy.  We don’t want to end up with health problems.  I’m sure you want to play with your kids and grandkids without feeling exhausted and  out of breath.  We want to feel good attending that wedding or class reunion.       

The key to doing these things and sticking to them is finding your WHY.  


WHY do you want to be fit and healthy?

I need to exercise.  Why?

I’m going to limit my sugar intake.  Why?

It may be that you have a history of illness in your family.  You may have small children you want to be able to play with.  You may currently have a health issue that needs to get in check.  Are you going to be walking down the aisle in a few months?  

I don’t know what it is for you, but until you figure out your WHY, you won’t stick to the plan long term.  You won’t develop a healthy sustainable lifestyle.  You may be able to do something for 3 days, 21 days or even 30 days.  But here we want to find a way of living that you can sustain for the long term that becomes a lifestyle not just a diet plan.  

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To be sure, you can’t underestimate discipline.  It is going to be necessary to put in the work and make the commitment, but you have to identify why you’re going to get started.

Can I share something with you?  I can’t even remember why I started running years ago.  But I know I had a why.  Otherwise I would’ve never gone out the door. I know something made me head out the door that first morning.  But you know, after doing it one day and then the next and then the next, I fell in love with it.  I loved how I felt while I was doing it.  I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I finished a workout.  And I just kept doing it.  And it became part of who I am.  I can’t imagine running not being part of my life.  I can’t imagine not moving in some sort of way everyday.  And that’s my why now.

It doesn’t have to be running for you.  In fact, you may not know exactly what it’s going to be.  But you’re going to know why you want to find it.   That’s the first step.  We can work with that.

Take some time today and consider why you want this.  Consider why you even clicked on this link to read this blog.  What brought you here?  It’ll be a start to tapping into your motivation.

Tell me….

WHY do you want to be fit and healthy?  

WHY do you want to be free from outside noises and distractions in this area of your life?  

Have you found your motivation?


Need help with this?  Reach out to me.  Make sure you’re getting my weekly emails.  I share free tips and inspiration on living a sustainable healthy life.


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