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3 Reasons Why I Wrote a Book + a Christmas Giveaway

I went into a local business recently, and someone I hadn’t seen in awhile asked me what I’d been up to.  I said “I wrote a book!”

I wrote a book

On September 18, 2017, I published “40 Days of Faith and Fitness”.  If you had told me in January, or even in May, that I would add “author” to my bio in 2017, I would not have been able to imagine that.  

Now, how many of us wouldn’t like to write a book?  

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Time to Start Shopping! My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to start shopping!  Check out my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the special people in your life. 

2017 Holiday gift guide

Christmas time is the best!  I love the lights and decorations.  And it’s so fun to come up with unique gifts for the ones I love.  Sometimes the best gifts are things you love yourself.  If you have found something that you can’t live without or is one of your favorite things, chances are someone else will find the same to be true for them.  

So I’m sharing some of my favorite things and gifts that I think others would enjoy as well.  If you are tired of choosing a gift card for everyone then check out my list and see if anyone comes to mind that just might enjoy it too.

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The Journey: Is it Possible to BE Where You Are AND Move Towards Where You Want to Go?

“Wherever you are, be all there” ~Jim Elliot


Well, here we are!  We’re about ready to wrap up another year.  Christmas is less than a week away.    It’s getting colder.  Christmas break.  Kids are out of school.   Everyone is getting a bit overwhelmed with gifts yet to buy, cookies to bake, and wrapping to get done.  And then there are goals to set and New Year’s resolutions to make.   

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