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3 Reasons to do Fitness Together

A key to sticking to a fitness plan and getting fit is to do fitness together.  Having an accountability partner has been shown to be a key to overall sustained health and fitness.

Do Fitness Together

We were never meant to do life on our own.  Back at Creation in Genesis,  God said it wasn’t good that man should be alone.  When God ordered Noah to build the ark, He told him to take TWO of every kind of animal along for the ride 🙂  I believe our fitness journey is no different.  We need a friend, a community to do this fit life with.  We are better if we do fitness together.  

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I have been blessed to be a part of some great groups of people who have supported and encouraged me along the way.  

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The Importance of Exercise for a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise.  According to  bodily exertion.  Movement.  Plain and simple.  You gotta move.  

exercise for healthy lifestyle

Today we’re looking at the third of 4 pillars of a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  


If you know me at all or read the about me page on the blog, you’ll soon learn that I’m a cardio junkie.  I love to run and bike.  I also lift (because I know it’s good for me) and yoga (also because I know it’s good for me!).

But exercise for a sustainable healthy lifestyle doesn’t require running and biking and lifting and yoga.  It doesn’t require an hour at the gym 6-7 days a week.

Exercise for a sustainable healthy lifestyle must be regular movement that you like to do.  And regular movement that can fit into your schedule.

First, lets understand why is it important to exercise?

It’s a great stress reliever.

It improves your confidence.  

You’ll sleep better.

It actually gives you more energy.  

Weight loss.

It’s good for your heart.  

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Because if you think you need to start running to get fit, but you hate running, you’ll never stick with it.  And if you start working out an hour a day every day of the week but you have kids in activities and a job that requires 40+ hours a week, you won’t stick with that workout.  

I ran a 6 mile race on Saturday and a 5K race on Sunday this weekend.  I don’t often do 2 races in a weekend, but I did this time because I forgot I had signed up for one of them.  Oops!  I had to take it easy on both because I’ve had a bit of an injury I didn’t want to aggravate.

But doing 2 races, or even one in a weekend, may not excite you in the least.  And that’s okay.   But let’s find out what does.

Do you like to dance?  Maybe try Zumba or just turn on the music at home and have a dance party for one!

Do you like to walk?  Walking is a FANTASTIC way to exercise.  

Do you like to lift heavy things?  Lifting is so good for bone health and metabolism.  

Do you want to focus more on stretching and maybe de-stressing?  Try yoga.

Do you need variety in your life?  Then pick a few things to do.  

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The key to this is doing something.  Move.  Get outside and get some fresh air.  Start with a walk around the block.  Grab a friend and go try a new class.   I think you’ll find you enjoy it and you feel better when you do it.  

And then, how much time do you have?  Do you have 10 or 15 minutes?  Then you have time to fit in some exercise.  It doesn’t take an hour everyday.

Need some ideas?  I have a few here for you:  

Beginner’s Body Weight Workout – No equipment needed.  

Take 5 minutes and do this 5 minute Pre-Shower Workout

If you have access to YouTube you can get these 10 minute workouts.  I loved them.  

Still need some ideas?  I’d love to help.  Let’s connect on Facebook, Instagram or better yet, sign up for my weekly email where I’m always sending free content that will help you on your journey to living a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  

4 Pillars of a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

After working with several women and being on my own healthy living journey, I’ve identified 4 areas, really they are the pillars and foundation, for living a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  

4 ways to a healthy lifestyle

Today I’ll provide the overview and over the next few weeks, I’ll go into more detail about each of the areas and how you can implement them into your daily living.  

I’ve been on a healthy living journey my entire life.  However, I haven’t always gone about it in a healthy way.  I got all the knowledge…..certified Fitour group fitness instructor, followed Weight Watchers, used Calorie King faithfully, even went the Beachbody route for awhile, etc.  But I got obsessive about all of it.  However, I found some freedom from those numbers and specific plans and began working with other women to help them implement healthy living strategies.  

What I learned over time is that there are 4 areas that we need to focus on daily to live a sustainable healthy life.  Those 4 areas are:





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But the thing is, you have to find how the implementation is going to look in your own life.  You are unique.  It doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s more involved than saying a prayer, eating the right food, exercising and drinking water.  

You have to spend time learning what the right food is for you.  What exercise you like to do and that your body responds to.  Everyone’s water requirement is different.  How much do you need?  And faith.  It is the most important piece to this puzzle and it’s one that is too often overlooked.  

Over the next few weeks I’m going to break these down and help you figure out the plan that is right for you.  

Are you ready?  Please be sure you are following me on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.  My posts all point back to one of these 4 pillars and give you tips and insight into living a healthy life that is sustainable.  Your life won’t look like mine, but you’ll get a glimpse into what it takes and what it looks like to live this all out.  I’m not perfect.  I don’t get it right all the time.  But that’s the thing.  A  healthy life that is sustainable isn’t one that’s perfect.  It’s one that’s livable.  No more starting and stopping a plan or program.  

When you begin to implement these things it will become a natural part of the way you live.    

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