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3 Reasons to do Fitness Together

A key to sticking to a fitness plan and getting fit is to do fitness together.  Having an accountability partner has been shown to be a key to overall sustained health and fitness.

Do Fitness Together

We were never meant to do life on our own.  Back at Creation in Genesis,  God said it wasn’t good that man should be alone.  When God ordered Noah to build the ark, He told him to take TWO of every kind of animal along for the ride 🙂  I believe our fitness journey is no different.  You and I need a friend, a community to do this fit life with.  We are better if we do fitness together.  

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I have been blessed to be a part of some great groups of people who have supported and encouraged me along the way.  

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Progress, Not Perfection. Celebrating Small Wins.

We’re on a journey.  This healthy living thing is a journey.  When you’re going on a trip you want to do 2 things:  You want to move forward, make progress towards your destination.  But you also want to enjoy the scenery.  And I don’t know about you, but when I see something interesting on a trip, I want to stop and check it out.  Maybe enjoy a unique restaurant for lunch or explore a park.  

Progress not perfection

This is our healthy living journey.  It’s all about making progress towards our goals but also celebrating the small wins along the way.  Our journey isn’t meant to be perfect.  We’re just meant to make progress.   

Perfection doesn’t exist.  And when you attempt to achieve it, there is no freedom.

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