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I’m No Longer a Beachbody Coach: Here’s Why

I’m no longer a Beachbody Coach.

No longer a beachbody coach

If you’ve been on my email list awhile, this isn’t news to you.*  In fact, much of what you’ll read here is what was in my email to my readers in January.  If you’re not on the list, you may want to sign up.  They are the ones who get this kind of news first……and the deals and the encouragement and just never miss a thing!  

So back to “I was a Beachbody Coach and now I’m not”.  

Now, depending on how long you’ve been around here or how deep into my website you’ve explored, you may not have even known that I ever was a Beachbody coach. However, there are others who are here because I was a Beachbody coach and that’s how we first connected.

No matter how you got here, I want to explain why I quit the Beachbody gig.

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First and foremost, I would never have ended up in this space had it not been for Beachbody. I am grateful that nearly 2 years ago I signed up to do a 40 Days of Prayer and Fitness group with a wonderful group of gals. Come to find out it was a Beachbody challenge group. I had connected with this sweet gal online before knowing anything about Beachbody. I was in her group during Lent 2015. While I was in that group, I found a love for doing community with other women. I loved the Facebook group and the connections we were making. I found myself encouraging other gals in the group and I began to feel like it was what I was called to do.

You see, my whole life I had struggled with body image, comparison, etc. Although I had found freedom in this area of my life, the last component was that I still felt like I should do fitness on my own. I didn’t want to make myself vulnerable among others. But I found my voice in that group, the last piece of the puzzle to finding my calling.

Well, the next logical step was to become a Beachbody Coach. I tried Shakeology, and I liked it. As a coach, I would get a discount for my monthly supply. There was no major body transformation, but I did like drinking the shakes everyday and felt good doing it. I tried a couple of the DVD programs and enjoyed them as well. But more importantly I found Beachbody as my avenue to tell my story and reach other women with the message that they can live fit and free.

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I guess you can kinda say that at first I hid behind Beachbody. I hadn’t known how to just go out on my own and begin telling my story and helping women, but being able to use Beachbody helped build my confidence in the online space and coaching world.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m not a very good salesperson or if the people that I connect with just don’t want to drink a shake everyday or buy a DVD or what. But I never settled into selling the product, and I didn’t get customers; however, I did settle into telling my story and I did have women who wanted to be part of this community and learn to live fit and free.

To be a Beachbody Coach, you have to pay a monthly business fee. Over the last several months, my monthly fee has cost me more than anything I made through Beachbody. And to be honest, I drifted from drinking the shake everyday. Sure, some days I’ll drink it. Other days I might prefer a Vega One shake or PEScience Peanut Butter Cookie shake or no shake at all and just whole foods. 

So I made the decision to quit Beachbody coaching.

What does that mean for you and for this space? Nothing. It doesn’t change a thing. I didn’t need Beachbody to be a coach. I am a certified group fitness instructor through Fitour. I have a license in Mental Health Counseling. I know what it’s like to be in bondage to numbers on a scale. I know how it feels to always be on the lookout for the next quick fix. I know how to find freedom. Most importantly, I have a passion to help women live fit and free.  How do we do that?  By learning to honor our bodies and the One who created them. 

I don’t need to be a Beachbody coach to do all those things. At first I thought I did, but I’ve learned that I don’t.

My word for 2017 is FOCUS. I believe this is another way that I can focus on my passion and my calling. While Beachbody opened the door and showed me how to do that, I no longer feel that selling for Beachbody is an area I need to spread my attention to. I want to focus on you, my reader, my community.  On offering the coaching and counseling services you’re asking for, not on selling a product.  

To be sure, Beachbody is a great organization. There are wonderful coaches who are doing a fantastic job. Most are faith-based. Shakeology is a good product. The company is just not for me anymore.

I’m learning that even some good things require our “no” instead of another “yes”.

Here’s to a focused 2017!

If you have a bit more time, I’d love to hear exactly what struggles you need help with?  About what problem are you saying “I just need X to help me with Y”.  I’m all ears.  Please shoot me an!   
*I first shared this post back in January, but since I’m marking 2 years in this online space, I felt that it was appropriate to share again this week.

3 Reasons to do Fitness Together

A key to sticking to a fitness plan and getting fit is to do fitness together.  Having an accountability partner has been shown to be a key to overall sustained health and fitness.

Do Fitness Together

We were never meant to do life on our own.  Back at Creation in Genesis,  God said it wasn’t good that man should be alone.  When God ordered Noah to build the ark, He told him to take TWO of every kind of animal along for the ride 🙂  I believe our fitness journey is no different.  We need a friend, a community to do this fit life with.  We are better if we do fitness together.  

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I have been blessed to be a part of some great groups of people who have supported and encouraged me along the way.  

3 main reasons to do fitness together

  1. Accountability – Especially if you’re just beginning on your fitness journey, it’s good to have someone to check in with.  Our running group has 3 meeting times each week, and we even take attendance.  That keeps us accountable.  Or you may have a training partner that’s expecting you at the gym at 5:30AM.  You’re not going to want to leave them standing!  Accountability helps you stick with it and make it a habit.  It keeps you honest!
  2. Support and Encouragement – When things get tough, it’s easier to keep going when someone is cheering us along.  It’s nice to have friends along the course when we’re running a big race or texts from someone saying “Good luck” or “Great job”.   
  3. Stretch and Grow – When you’re with other people, you just work harder.  You go farther or faster than you would on your own.  When you’re checking in with an online group about your daily food intake, you’re more apt to follow your plan knowing others are doing the same.  You’re just able to do more than you ever thought you could, because you have the courage to do it.  

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I always thought I was just fine on my own when it came to my running and to my weight management.  I liked my solo runs, and I’ve counted calories and thought I knew everything I needed to know about nutrition.  But I was so wrong.  When I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and joined Shelby Roadrunners over 10 years ago, I realized how neat it was to have a “fitness family”.  They held me accountable.  They wanted to know where I was when I didn’t show up.  When I first started running, I felt like I was just chasing them.  But as time went on, I got stronger and faster.  I’ve run times and distances I never would have had I not joined the group.  

When I decided to sign up with a coach and an online community of women who wanted to focus on faith and fitness, I realized I still had a lot to learn about my motivations and priorities.  I grew stronger in my faith and learned about proper nutrition.  I became vulnerable about my struggles and found acceptance and encouragement.  

I Thessalonians 5:11 tells us to “comfort each other and edify one another”.  And Hebrews 10:24-25 encourages us to “stir up love and good works….assemble together….and exhort one another.”  

We were created for community.  We need each other.  My running community and my online girls and my “Fit & Free” friends are really family to me.  I can’t imagine doing life without them.  


I’d love to hear from you…

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14 Things Being a Mom Has Taught Me

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Being a Mom

Ethan turned 14 on Easter Sunday.  That means I have been a Mom for 14 years.  Actually that means I have been a biological mom for 14 years.  

When Kent and I married back in 2000, I became a stepmom to 10 year old Ben.  I still remember him asking me to bake cookies for his 4th grade class for his birthday that first year.  Oh how it warmed my heart.  I became a mom for the first time in that moment.

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