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14 Things Being a Mom Has Taught Me

Being a Mom has taught me so many things.  I’ve narrowed it down to 14 for today.  

Being a Mom

Ethan turned 14 on Easter Sunday.  That means I have been a Mom for 14 years.  Actually that means I have been a biological mom for 14 years.  

When Kent and I married back in 2000, I became a stepmom to 10 year old Ben.  I still remember him asking me to bake cookies for his 4th grade class for his birthday that first year.  Oh how it warmed my heart.  I became a mom for the first time in that moment.

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It’s Our Anniversary: Celebrating 16 Years of Our Happily Ever After

It’s our anniversary.  Last year I shared the following story for the first time, but I know I have some new readers, so I decided to update it and share it out again.  Who doesn’t like to read an uplifting story of lasting love.  I certainly take no credit but I share this to give God credit for being the author of this love story.

Happy Anniversary


My husband and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage this week.  I could say 16 years of wedded bliss, but both you and I know that life happens.  And to be very honest and open, we’ve had a couple of years recently that were a bit of a struggle and more work than the the first 10 or so for sure.  But we’re here, and we’re in it for the long haul.  And we did some recouping over the last year.  I can’t imagine trying to do this thing called marriage without our faith.  

Today I’m stepping away from faith and fitness and sharing a story of God’s faithfulness in my life.  I’m sharing with you our story that I wrote for Kent shortly after we said “I do”.  I don’t think I’ve pulled this out in more than 10 years.  If you’re not into sappy or silly, you can go ahead and move on….won’t hurt my feelings.  I’m really not sappy either!  But maybe you’ll want to grab your coffee and let this story put a smile on your face.  It might even give you a renewed sense of hope in your own marriage or while you wait for your Prince or Princess to come.


Once upon a time, there was a lonely princess named Marsha… 

Marsha had been by herself for awhile and was adjusting well to her life on her own.  Marsha began enjoying the social life with her friends and forgot about looking for “Prince Charming”.  From time to time, Marsha had a date with a suitor who never quite lived up to her expectations.  Even while the Princess was enjoying her free time, she was praying to her Father above for His perfect plan in her life.  On an exceptionally low day, Princess Marsha had a revelation.  Her thoughts brought her back to the story of Creation.  She remembered when God created Adam and how Adam had everything he needed.  However, God saw fit to create a woman to come alongside Adam to help and join him in his journey through life.  This story was a lesson for the Princess.  

Princess Marsha realized that what she was waiting for was an “Adam”.  The Prince Charming that would sweep the Princess off her feet would be an “Adam”, someone that is already established.  He would not need a Princess, but he would be a man that is ready to share his life with someone.  The Prince would find Princess Marsha to be an added enjoyment and blessing in his life that could accompany him along the rest of his journey.  

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Princess Marsha was happy with this thought and tucked it away.  She knew that her destiny was changing.  Always in the past, she has had to help others along their way, and although Princess Marsha was a very helpful person, she knew this was not the way it was to be.  A relationship is two-way, and the Princess believed it could be different.  

In the meantime, Princess Marsha continued to socialize.  One particular suitor sidetracked the Princess for awhile.  In fact, she even told her friend that she knew he was not her “Adam”, but she continued to see him.  Then, a little bird told Princess Marsha about a certain Prince named Kent.  Kent was a bit older than the Princess, and he was of the upper class in Princess Marsha’s town.  In addition, this Prince Kent had a young son who lived with the Prince.  The little bird mentioned that Prince Kent had been admiring Princess Marsha.  This information shocked the Princess.  Although Princess Marsha knew exactly who Prince Kent was because their work brought them together at times, Princess Marsha could not believe that the Prince had even noticed her.  Princess Marsha was amazed that Prince Kent, being of the upper class, was interested in her because she saw herself in the lower class.  Princess Marsha had been seeing this Prince professionally off and on for more than one year.  She had spoken to him on occasion but was completely oblivious to any interest he may have ever shown.  This was amazing to the Princess, and she did not know what to do with this information.  But, in the back of her mind, the Princess remembered the story of Adam.  Prince Kent was certainly an “Adam”, but was he hers?

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The next time Princess Marsha was to see Prince Kent in the working environment, she took a little extra care to look nice.  She also made herself more available for conversation.  AND, she was extremely nervous.  This went on for what seemed to be a very long time, even though it was a matter of weeks.  Meanwhile, the Princess continued to date around.  Finally, Princess Marsha made arrangements to call Prince Kent upon his prompting, of course. The late evening phone call went very well, and the Princess was pleased with the outcome.  During this time, the Princess became more confident and finding Prince Kent to be very down-to-earth and likable.  

A short time later, Prince Kent took a vacation, and Princess Marsha thought of him often while he was gone.  Princess Marsha determined to phone the Prince a couple of days after he returned to ask about his trip.  On the evening before the Princess was to call, her telephone rang.  On the other end of the line was the Prince.  Princess Marsha couldn’t help but show her surprise to hear the Prince on the line.  They talked for some time, then Prince Kent asked the Princess on a date.  Finally!  the moment she’d been waiting for.  Of course, the Princess accepted the invitation.

It was the day of the date, a nice spring day.  The Princess was nervous.  She had consulted with her friends on what she should wear, and she hadn’t eaten for a week.  She was so excited for the Prince to come, and finally the time arrived.  The Prince was handsome in his suit and treated the Princess so kindly all evening.  When they returned to her humble home, the Princess invited him in.  Prince Kent accepted the invitation, and they visited until the early morning hours.  The evening was delightful.  They agreed to see each other again.

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The following week, the Princess thought of Prince Kent often.  Finally, late in the week, the Prince invited the Princess to visit his castle.  She happily agreed to stop over one evening.  The Prince had a beautiful castle.  When he came to the door, Prince Kent was dressed in light jeans and a peach polo shirt.  Prince Kent and Princess Marsha had a wonderful visit.  They shared very intimate details and spoke openly about life, love, and past relationships.  While Princess Marsha was still guarded with her feelings, she was surprised to hear Prince Kent share his desire for “the fairy tale”.  This was amazing to hear a man speak so candidly of falling in love and how that was his wish for his own life.  With that revelation, Princess Marsha felt her guard begin to come down.  The Princess began falling in love.

From that evening, Prince Kent and Princess Marsha began spending more and more time together.  Soon the Princess met Prince Kent’s son.  He was a fine young man; the Princess knew she would have no problem getting along with the Prince’s young son.  The Princess, you know, was accustomed to young people, because she worked with them daily.

Summer came and went.  Soon Autumn arrived.  The Prince and Princess had been together six months.  The Princess went on a short vacation with her good friend.  While she was gone, the Princess spoke to her friend about Prince Kent.  The Princess was certain that she wished to spend the rest of her life with Prince Kent.  In him she had found her soulmate.  Prince Kent had become her friend and lover.  He was becoming her life partner.  Princess Marsha told her friend how the Prince made her feel as she’s never felt before.  He made her happier than she ever thought she could be, and she knew that something would happen soon.

Princess Marsha was so excited to see Prince Kent, and Prince Kent was excited to see the Princess.  In fact, he took a day off work to spend with the Princess when she returned.  The Princess was happy to spend time with Prince Kent.  Around noon, the Prince and Princess relaxed on the couch and began to speak about how much they had missed one another.  They both agreed that they didn’t wish to experience time apart again.  With that, the Prince spoke the magic words.  He asked Princess Marsha to marry him.  After a moment of pleasant surprise, Princess Marsha replied, “Yes” then Prince Kent gave the Princess the most beautiful diamond ring.

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It was the happiest day for both the Prince and Princess.  They were so in love and so excited to share the delightful news with others.  Prince Kent’s young son was accepting of the news and seemed to be pleased to see his father happy.  It was evident to all who knew them that they belonged with one another.  

Because they were so excited to begin their lives together, the Prince and Princess started planning their wedding day.  The Princess especially did not wish to wait a long time.  She was ready to move to her Prince’s castle.  She was ready to begin her life with her beloved.

The merry event took place on a beautiful winter day.  They shared the blessed occasion with their family and friends.  It was a simple ceremony but delightful nonetheless.  Thus their life together began.  The two became one.

Princess Marsha was given her Adam.  Her Heavenly Father had smiled on her and blessed her with a gift of a wonderful husband and a delightful stepson.  She could ask for nothing more.  Prince Kent had become her Prince Charming, and there is no doubt that they shall live happily ever after.   

Apsley family

Thanks for reading our story.  I hope it made you smile and gave you hope.  If you are lonely or struggling in your marriage right now, I’m praying for you.  I understand feelings of loneliness both in and out of a marriage (I was married before God brought me and Kent together).  And to be sure Kent and I have had our ups and downs.  And taking on the role of stepmother is not always an easy one.  All I really know for sure is that God remains faithful, and we can’t do a day of this without Him.  

Here’s to another 16 years with my Prince!  

Tell me….

How do you celebrate your anniversary?

How did your “once upon a time” begin?  

Let’s Go Shopping! Some Discount Codes on a Few of My Favorite Things

Christmas shopping

Disclosure:  I have been provided discount codes to share and in return I may get compensation via free product or a small payment when my code is used.  But be sure all comments and reviews of products are my own!  

I love Christmas!  It’s my favorite holiday.  It’s my favorite time of year!  I love giving gifts, BUT I don’t like shopping.  Or rather, I don’t like to GO shopping.  I prefer shopping from the comfort of my home behind my computer and having the gifts delivered to my front door.   

Here’s a little secret.  The thing I dislike more than going shopping is the wrapping part!  That’s why my husband and I have this agreement that I buy the gifts, and he wraps them.  It’s a wonderful arrangement 🙂

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things along with some discount codes in case you still have some shopping to do!  

Bondi Band  –  This is my all time, hands down favorite headband!  I’ve tried several kinds, but then I found BondiBand.  It doesn’t slip. It can be used year round.  You can pull it over your ears or leave it above.  Not only are they functional but they are so fun!  The sayings are fun, and they’re always adding new ones.  The price is right as well, and they’re always running promotions.  I can’t get enough of these headbands.  When you place your order, use code MLA10 for 10% off your order.

Pura Vida Bracelets  –  These are so fun and versatile and support a good cause.  The proceeds from every order goes to help provide jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica.  This is near and dear to my heart, because I went on a mission trip there when I was in high school.  When you use MARSHAAPSLEY20 you get 20% off your order.  I have tons of these bracelets to go with every outfit.  You can sweat in them, get them wet, wear them wherever.  They make great gifts too!  

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Love God Greatly Study  –  I have been following Love God Greatly and doing their studies for a couple of years.  I love these studies because all materials can be accessed online and sent to your inbox for free.  Recently they began releasing an actual study guide and journal to go along with the study.  I highly recommend it, but you can still follow the study without making the purchase.  I just started the Advent study on Sunday.  It’s not too late for you to join too!  

Santa Hustle  –  This is my favorite half marathon (and I’ve done TONS of them!), because I get to celebrate my favorite holiday (Christmas!) by doing my favorite thing (run a half marathon!).  The Santa Hustle half marathon came to Indy a few years ago.  This year I get the opportunity to offer a discount code for the Indy event or for the virtual race.  So even if you don’t have a Santa Hustle in your area, you can register and get the swag and do it on your own.  If you’re not feeling like 13.1 miles, you can choose the 5K. Given my recent knee problems and summer off of running, I’ve decided I should do the 5K.  But, I’ll still get my ipod loaded with Christmas music and enjoy the run.  They have fun cookie and candy stations along the way.  Use code AMAPSLEY16 for a $5 discount. 

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Cross Training Couture – This makes up the majority of my wardrobe!  The company tagline for Cross Training Couture is “Fitness is my witness”.  I love everything about this company…..the message, the quality of the product, the price, the heart, the message.  AND they just launched a pajama line in time for Christmas!  I have mine ordered already!  I am sooo excited about this AND I have a very special cyber Monday deal to share with you!!!  Use ctcpjs to get $5 off your order… only!!!!  

Trades of Hope – This is a company that supports women around the world and helps them get out of poverty.  The items are unique and from a different country or places in the United States.  I’m always pleased with the quality of the products.  I have bags and jewelry, scarves and stationary.  I’ve also purchased a few Christmas gifts as well.  

MDA donation – Christmas is the season of giving.  Back in May I ran a half marathon with Team Momentum.  This was to raise funds and awareness for those with muscle disease.  If you’re looking to make a donation to a good organization, this is one I’d recommend.  

Green Bean Delivery – I’ve already proved that I would rather shop online than any other way, but grocery shopping often requires a trip to the store, like it or not.  However, I get most of my groceries delivered to my door from a fairly new service in my area.  Green Bean Delivery arrives weekly or bi-weekly depending on my preference.  The groceries show up in a cooler on my doorstep about the same time each week.  

And then after you have all of your shopping finished, you might have to start wrapping these gifts.  And with wrapping you won’t have time to fix your lunch or dinner, but no worries!  Your Box Catering has you covered.  If you’re in Shelbyville, you can order lunch (or even dinner on certain nights!) delivered to your door.  It’s delicious!  


What are you waiting for?  It’s time to go shopping!  Tell them I sent you 😉


Tell me….

Do you have your Christmas shopping done?

Do you have a favorite shop I need to check out?  Please tell me!  Online shopping is the only way I go!

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