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7 Bible Verses for Fitness Motivation

God’s word is full of Bible verses for fitness motivation.

Bible verses for fitness motivation to keep you moving regularly

Faith and Fitness.  You see those words all over my website. It’s at the top of every page.  It’s in the name of my facebook group.  

A fit life must be built on a foundation of faith.  

How do we build that?  By applying God’s word to our daily life.  

His word is full of truth that we can apply to everything that is going on in our life.  

Today I want to look at our fitness and share 7 Bible verses for fitness motivation that I have found helpful to apply to our fit lives.  

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A Glimpse into my Planner – What Happened in January

I got a new planner this year.  And I’m loving it!    

Let's glimpse into my planner for January

It’s a Kitlife planner, and I won it as part of Nicole Culver’s planning party.  I had looked at these planners before but never purchased so I was super excited to win!

In my days as a home-based counselor, I carried my Franklin Covey everywhere.  I’m a pen and paper kind of gal.  I have a wall calendar for our family and I keep lists of what I have to do.  I use my calendar on my iphone but only as a bonus calendar.  

So, I thought I’d do a series this year where I give you a glimpse into my planner each month, because it’s more than appointments and to do lists!  

First I have to tell you the great things about the Kitlife planner (and before you think I’m getting paid to write this, please don’t.  There are no affiliate links in this post and winning the planner had no conditions about sharing it.  Now that we have that cleared up! 😉 )

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How to Set Yourself Up For Your Best Year Yet

Are you ready for your best year yet?

Your Best Year Yet

Last week I shared my word and verse for the year and more importantly I shared that I wasn’t quite ready for 2018 when it arrived.  And I’m still coasting into it.  

I haven’t set a ton of big goals or major plans, BUT I do have some focus.  And that came after I took last week to walk, not run, into the New Year.

In fact, we did it together in the Facebook group.  I shared how we can set our goals, plans, intentions, resolutions (call them whatever you will).  Facebook  lives are still available in the group so feel free to stop by and catch up!  

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