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Walk In Faith: How to Determine What Step to Take

We hear “walk by faith, not by sight”.  We read “just take the first step”.  But sometimes that isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Sure, there’s fear. That may be an obvious reason not to take a step.  But sometimes we sincerely don’t even know the direction or what that step may be.

Walk in faith

 How can we take a step when we don’t know what we’re stepping towards?  When we haven’t really sorted through what seems to be holding us back?  

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Some questions to consider to help you determine what steps to take:

  • Where do I feel stuck?
  • Are there relationships in my life that feel distant?
  • Is my body healthy?  My weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc in check?
  • What causes fear? Worry? Doubt?
  • What are my deepest desires?
  • If I could do anything I wanted, what would it be?
  • How am I contributing to society?
  • How is my spiritual life?
  • Do I feel rested and refreshed each day?

Now take some time to answer these questions honestly.  Once you do, you will figure out what area of our life needs action.  It may be something simple like needing more sleep.  It may be something bigger like a relationship that needs mended.  But then it could also be something huge like a complete career change or a big move.  And then once you’ve figured out the area, that’s when you take a step.  And yes, it will likely be a step of faith.

Maybe start a conversation with a loved one.  

Consider taking an online course that will get you closer to fulfilling a dream career.  

Perhaps volunteer somewhere to get out of your comfort zone.  

Maybe make one healthy choice today.  

Could you go to bed 15 minutes earlier.  

Maybe spend 5 minutes in quiet time to reflect and pray.  

You may not know where it will end or if the staircase is straight or curved, steep or short, but you will begin the journey of progress in that area of your life.  But you may need a little faith to do it!    

Earlier this week I shared in this space about a decision I had to make.  This was a decision to say no to something that had at one time been a positive thing.  Sometimes moving forward means quitting something or getting more focused on the direction you’re supposed to be going.  Be open to the answers you discover when you start asking the questions.

Friend, don’t stay stuck.  Take a step today.  

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Tell me….

What step are you going to take?

How can I pray for you  today?  


If you feel stuck on your fitness journey, I’m here to help.  Let’s talk about what steps you can take to begin living fit and free!  Be sure you’re receiving my weekly emails where I’m sharing all my best tips and encouragement for living a fit and free life!  When you sign up I’ll send you my “go to” scripture list.

I’m No Longer a Beachbody Coach: Here’s Why

I’m no longer a Beachbody Coach.

No longer a beachbody coach

If you’re on my email list, this isn’t news to you.  In fact, much of what you’ll read here is what was in my email to you last week.  If you’re not on the list, you may want to sign up.  They are the ones who get this kind of news first……and the deals and the encouragement and just never miss a thing!  

So back to I was a Beachbody Coach and now I’m not.  

Now, depending on how long you’ve been around here or how deep into my website you’ve explored, you may not have even known that I ever was a Beachbody coach. However, there are others who are here because I was a Beachbody coach and that’s how we first connected.

No matter how you got here, I want to explain why I quit the Beachbody gig.

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First and foremost, I would never have ended up in this space had it not been for Beachbody. I am grateful that nearly 2 years ago I signed up to do a 40 Days of Prayer and Fitness group with a wonderful group of gals. Come to find out it was a Beachbody challenge group. I had connected with this sweet gal online before knowing anything about Beachbody. I was in her group during Lent 2015. While I was in that group, I found a love for doing community with other women. I loved the Facebook group and the connections we were making. I found myself encouraging other gals in the group and I began to feel like it was what I was called to do.

You see, my whole life I had struggled with body image, comparison, etc. Although I had found freedom in this area of my life, the last component was that I still felt like I should do fitness on my own. I didn’t want to make myself vulnerable among others. But I found my voice in that group, the last piece of the puzzle to finding my calling.

Well, the next logical step was to become a Beachbody Coach. I tried Shakeology, and I liked it. As a coach, I would get a discount for my monthly supply. There was no major body transformation, but I did like drinking the shakes everyday and felt good doing it. I tried a couple of the DVD programs and enjoyed them as well. But more importantly I found Beachbody as my avenue to tell my story and reach other women with the message that they can live fit and free.

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I guess you can kinda say that at first I hid behind Beachbody. I hadn’t known how to just go out on my own and begin telling my story and helping women, but being able to use Beachbody helped build my confidence in the online space and coaching world.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m not a very good salesperson or if the people that I connect with just don’t want to drink a shake everyday or buy a DVD or what. But I never settled into selling the product, and I didn’t get customers; however, I did settle into telling my story and I did have women who wanted to be part of this community and learn to live fit and free.

To be a Beachbody Coach, you have to pay a monthly business fee. Over the last several months, my monthly fee has cost me more than anything I made through Beachbody. And to be honest, I drifted from drinking the shake everyday. Sure, some days I’ll drink it. Other days I might prefer a Vega One shake, and most days I just opt for whole foods and no shakes.

So I made the decision to quit Beachbody coaching.

What does that mean for you and for this space? Nothing. It doesn’t change a thing. I didn’t need Beachbody to be a coach. I am a certified group fitness instructor through Fitour. I have a license in Mental Health Counseling. I know what it’s like to be in bondage to numbers on a scale. I know how it feels to always be on the lookout for the next quick fix. I know how to find freedom. Most importantly, I have a passion to help women live fit and free.

I don’t need to be a Beachbody coach to do all those things. At first I thought I did, but I’ve learned that I don’t.

My word for the year is FOCUS. I believe this is another way that I can focus on my passion and my calling. While Beachbody opened the door and showed me how to do that, I no longer feel that selling for Beachbody is an area I need to spread my attention to. I want to focus on you, my reader, my community.  On offering the coaching and counseling services you’re asking for, not on selling a product.  

To be sure, Beachbody is a great organization. There are wonderful coaches who are doing a fantastic job. Most are faith-based. Shakeology is a good product. The company is just not for me anymore.

I’m learning that even some good things require our “no” instead of another “yes”.

Here’s to a focused 2017!


Tell me….

Have you ever said “no” to a good thing?

What are you doing less of this year so you can focus more somewhere else?

If you have a bit more time, I’d love to hear exactly what struggles you need help with?  About what problem are you saying “I just need X to help me with Y”.  I’m all ears.  Please shoot me an!   

Top 10 Tips for Working Out During the Winter Months

It’s Winter here in Shelbyville, Indiana, but you wouldn’t have known that a couple of nights ago when we were having thunderstorm warnings.  That springlike weather popped up in the middle of a super cold streak that we saw last weekend and are expecting again soon.  You just never know what the weather will bring, especially in January and February!  

winter weather workouts

I always hold out hope that winter will skip us, but it never does.  It’s the beauty of our four seasons!  And that’s okay.  Snow, ice, and cold may cancel school sometimes (well maybe not if they get this e-learning thing figured out?!?), but it doesn’t have to cancel our plans for living a healthy lifestyle.  

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I have some tips to keep you safe and warm and full of a sunny spirit.  

  1. Attitude – In all things, we need to be grateful.  The beauty of the snow.  Spending an unexpected day home with the kiddos.  Just watching the white stuff fall to the ground.  

  2. The right gear – Layers!  Yes, there are definitely fabrics that are windproof, waterproof, etc.  And some of those come in very handy and can be necessary on extremely cold days.  But the bottom line is to layer up.  Wear a base layer that will wick away the sweat and then layer over with something that is preferably wind and waterproof.  

  3. Cover all the extremities – Hands, feet, ears, head.  You may need 2 pair of gloves and socks if you don’t have any heavy duty wool.  You may need a face mask.  There are some special ones that will cover your mouth and nose but still have tiny holes in that area so you can still breathe!  (That’s pretty important!)

  4. Drink hot stuff! –  I love my coffee every morning, but on cold wintry days it becomes even more of an essential.  And what about an evening cup of hot tea?  Before you go out, warm up with something hot and have something hot when you come in.  This will get right to your core and get you warming up quickly.

  5. Enjoy a hot shower or bath – This may warm your body, but this can also be relaxing and put your mind at ease if you’ve been tensed up driving on icy roads.  

  6. Moisturize – I don’t know about yours, but my skin gets so dry in the winter.  My hands are cracking.  My skin is itchy.  I love Bass Farms lotions and especially their Triple B moisturizing cream for extremely dry skin.  

  7. Be flexible with your exercise plan – There’s a reason the racing season doesn’t ramp up until April or May.  January and February can be hard to get those long runs in.  There will be time to up your mileage.

  8. Split your workouts – If 6 miles was on your schedule, but it’s just way too cold or the snow and ice are making it difficult, maybe do 3 miles inside and 3 outside.  

  9. Workout inside – Maybe hit the weights.  Ride your trainer.  Surely you can survive a couple miles on the treadmill???  When I’m inside on a bike or treadmill, I use that time to do intervals.  It keeps me focused and gives me some variety and makes the time go faster.  

  10. Play – For Heaven’s sake, if you have snow, go play in it!!!  Be a kid!  I see snow in the forecast, and my reaction is “ugh”.  My son sees snow in the forecast, and he’s whooping and hollering!  It brings us back to the first tip…..our attitude!  

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Tell me….

Do you like winter?  

How are the winters where you live?  

Winter can be a time when we need extra support to keep moving and stick to a healthy living plan.  And as a counselor, I know it can be a time when people experience some depression due to the lack of sunshine and time outside.  I’m here to help!  You can get weekly encouragement straight to your inbox when you sign up for my free email.

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