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Training Tips to Get at Those Goals

It’s time to revisit those New Year’s Resolutions.  How are you doing now that we’re midway through the year?

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It’s not too late to get at those goals.  Don’t throw in the towel!  

Today I’m giving you some training tips to get going on those goals!

If you’ve signed up for a fall race, it’s likely time to get started on some focused training.  

If you’ve had trouble with motivation given the summer heat, that’s okay.  Earlier this week I gave some tips on dealing with this summer heat.  Check that out here.  Don’t let the weather get the best of you!    

Just a few training tips to keep you going!

  1. Make a schedule.  Plan your week.  When are you going to run?  How far?  What about cross training?  What workout DVD are you going to do?  Rest days?  Put them on the calendar.  You’re more likely to stick with it.  
  2. If you don’t know where to start, find a plan.  If it’s running, Runner’s World has some good links to training plans.  If you’ve signed up for a race, the race’s website is likely to have some links to training plans.  Do you have “runner friends”? Reach out to them.  Do you like DVDs?  I can hook you up with a good workout.  Do you have a gym membership?  Check out their class schedule.  
  3. Get a friend.  Invite someone to meet you at the gym.  Get together at your house and put a DVD in and get moving.  Meet up with a running group.   I can get you connected!  Take the dog for a walk.  Dance with the kids.   
  4. Decide on your goals.  Finish?  Set a PR?  Lose weight?  Get off the couch?  Unwind?  Fresh air?  Set the goal and then do whatever it takes to reach it.  
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Still struggling?  I’m here to help!  Email me and let’s get moving!  

Tell me…

What goals are you working towards right now?  

What tips do you have to get at your goals?

Happy New Year! What’s Your Word?

First published December 31, 2015

Did you pick your word for this year?  It’s not too late.

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Last year was the first time I came up with my word for the year.  It seems that this is pretty common.  People will have a word or phrase that sets their intention or focus for the year.  

I could definitely look back and see themes in my life over the years.  Certain years, I could probably identify by a word or phrase.  

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But last year I got intentional with this idea of a word myself.  After some reflection and prayer and searching scripture, I found my word for 2015.  Beneficial.  This would be my word, and my verse would be I Corinthians 10:23, “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial”.  


Not only would this be in regards to what I put INTO my mouth but this would also have an impact on what came OUT of my mouth, my words and even my actions.  While I was not perfect (just ask my family!  lol!), I had a focus.  I had an intention.  I had something by which to measure my words, my actions, the foods I chose, my schedule, etc.  Everything came back to this one word and whether or not it was beneficial for me, for my family, for those around me.  I’ve kept the word and verse on a note card where I can see it, pray it, reflect on it every day of 2015.  

Now it’s time for my word for 2016.  I’ve been thinking about this and reflecting for the last few weeks.  I would jot down words as one came to me.  I’d read a scripture that jumped out at me.  I wrote it down and the word associated with it.  Finally I decided on my word.  It was something I kept coming back to and a verse that has kept coming up.  It’s the word I feel the Lord has laid on my heart and intended for me this year…..



This is so much more than the physical activity I love to do.  (If you know me at all or just know me through social media, you know I’m a runner!)  Even though I do identify myself as a #runner, #runnermom……this has little to do with my exercise of choice.  Sure I have some fitness goals.  I want to get my half marathon time back under 2 hours (my fall halfs took me a few minutes over that 🙁

But this is about Hebrews 12:1.  hebrews12-1

It’s about “laying aside the weight and sin” which tells me to let go of the things that distract and hold me back.  And then “run with endurance the race set before us” which is telling me to run MY race.  Basically, I want to keep my head down and GO in the direction He’s leading.  Additionally I want to run this race like it tells me to in I Corinthians 9:24 in a way to obtain the prize.  I want to RUN where He’s taking me with my best efforts, with His strength.  

So in 2016 I’m running MY race.  The race HE has set before me.  (Keeping my eyes on my own paper!)  At the end of 2016, I want to look back and know that I trained hard and ran wherever He told me to go and finished strong.

I’d love to hear from you!

What’s your word for 2016 and why?

It’s not too late to pick your word!

Relax: How to Make Time for a Time Out

“What do you do to relax?”

I once asked this to a group of women and got the reply, “Relax.  What’s that?”


In this “hurry up” society when everything is at our fingertips, and Starbucks will now have our coffee ready when we arrive, we don’t know how to relax.  Stress relieving activities.  What are those?  And if we knew them, why would we do them?  We don’t have time!!  

Given that most people are on summer break, I thought I’d spend a day on this topic of taking a time out.  You may not have a beach vacation planned, but that doesn’t mean you and I can’t find time in our day to relax, decompress, or take a time out.  

These days people think they have to take a vacation, go to the beach, or camp out to relax.  But even then, they’re tied to their iphones, ipads, electronics, etc.  

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So how, in our everyday lives, do we build in time to relax, decompress, take a time out?  In this day and age driven by stress, HOW can we build in some relief?  

  1. Breathe – No really, just BREATHE.  Take a minute, seriously, just one minute, and focus on your breath.  Feel and hear the inhale.  Feel and hear the exhale.  It can be calming.  It can help you focus and get you centered.  Eventually the minute will extend to two minutes then five minutes.  Then maybe you can think of doing this upon waking and before going to bed and anytime through the day when you realize you need to focus or need a time out.  

  2. Read – Find a book of five minute devotions or scripture readings.  You may enjoy poetry or even a few pages of a novel.  

  3. Get outside – Take a leisure walk.  Maybe take your lunch outside.  Open your blinds or windows if you can’t get outside.  Let the sun shine in!

  4. Gratitude – Take note of things for which you are grateful.  Keep a journal.  When you lay down at night or wake up in the morning, write down 3-5 things that you are thankful for.

  5. Self-Care – Soak in a warm bath.  Schedule a manicure or pedicure.  Or just take 15 minutes to do your own nails.  Massage.

Now when are you going to do this?  

You can start with five minutes.

  • It may mean getting up five minutes early.  
  • It may mean catching yourself when you’re scrolling social media and instead close your eyes and breathe for a couple of minutes.  
  • It may mean that when you are out doing errands, just park a little bit farther away and walk to your destination.  Feel the warm sun or the breeze as you go.  

So whether you’re on a beach this week or working 9-5, do yourself a favor and take a time out.  I dare you!

Tell me…

Do you find it difficult to relax?

How do you work in daily time outs?  

I know my list isn’t complete.  What are some other ways to sneak in some stress relief?

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