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You’re Going at Your Health and Fitness All Wrong…And I was Too

Tired of doing it all on your own?  Looking for support on your faith and fitness journey?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

not alone

We aren’t meant to do life on our own.  We were created to be social.  We thrive on relationship.  

Growing  up I was a loner.  I liked to be myself (or that’s what I said).  I stayed close to home.  But why did I do this?  It wasn’t really that I liked to be alone…  

The definition of a loner is that they avoid the company of others.  And, to avoid something is to keep away from, and it’s usually in the context of something unhealthy or unsafe.

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So here’s the thing….to be a loner, or to want to spend all your time alone, is perhaps because you don’t feel safe around other people.  It was totally the reason I kept to myself.  I felt uncomfortable around people.  I felt vulnerable.  I felt judged.  Why?  Because I wasn’t comfortable with myself.  I struggled with who I was.  I compared myself to others.  I struggled with how I felt about myself.  And so I fought the battle of my mind and the struggle to live a healthy lifestyle on my own.  

Over time I learned some things. I came out of that shell, so to speak, and I began to step out and trust people and live life with others.  By doing that I learned that others struggle with things like I did.  I learned that in the midst of sharing struggles we find support and encouragement.  

I talk to too many women who still struggle with these feelings especially as it relates to her health and fitness journey.  She’s battling feelings of insecurity and trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle on her own.  She’s comparing herself to pictures in magazines and to women she doesn’t even know.

But that’s not how it’s supposed to be.  All of us have areas of struggle.  We need the support and encouragement of each other.  One may have no trouble getting up early to workout, but she struggles to drink her water everyday.  Another may struggle to fight off late night cravings, but she wakes up early for her morning quiet time.  

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This is why we need each other.  Although I coach and counsel women one-on-one, I find that many need the community found in group coaching to stick to her plan.  Even though this place is all about keeping your eyes on your own paper, it doesn’t mean you go at it alone.  This is about finding your own fit and being free to live it among other women.  It’s how we fight the feelings of comparison and competition among ourselves and instead celebrate each other for how she is fearfully and wonderfully made.  


Tell me….

Have you found friends who support you and encourage you?

Do you need some support and encouragement?  I’m still taking sign ups for my final coaching group of 2016.  Check out the information here and then sign up for my weekly email where I share free tips and tools for living fit and free.  Tomorrow I’m giving my email list a special price.  

7 Ways to Find Time to Exercise

exercise tips

Today we’re going to get practical about working out.  


One of the most difficult parts of fitness is finding time and motivation to do it.  And often it’s because we get this idea of what it has to be or has to look like.  We think our workouts need to be in the gym going 110% for an hour or it’s not worth it.  But that’s just not true.  

Now I do have to inject here that if you know me personally you know I’m a cardio junkie (and probably to a fault!).  I like to run (when my knee lets me) and bike as often as I can.  It’s what I love to do, and I happen to have time in this season of my life to get out on the bike for an hour most days weather permitting.  

But I don’t want you to get distracted by my exercise routine or the runners and cyclists you may see outside everyday.  This is another area where you need to keep your eyes on your own paper.  You need to honor your own schedule, your body’s abilities, and your likes and dislikes as it pertains to activity.

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So let’s take a look at 7 simple ways to find time to exercise

  1. Get up early

This may be one of the most difficult ones to do, especially if you’re not a morning person.  But I’m going to say it:  Just bite the bullet and do it!  Set that alarm for 15 minutes early and get up!  Once you get up, just do something….anything!  Walk around the house.  Stretch.  Foam roll.  Yoga. Get your body used to getting up a bit earlier and move.

      2.  Use your breaks and/or lunch hour 

You have a 10 minute break in the morning?  Walk.  Do squats in your office.   Do wall push ups.  Sit in your chair and do calf raises.  On  your lunch break, take a walk.  Walk the stairs.  Repeat the moves you did on your 10 minute break.  

      3.  Do it throughout the day

While you’re standing at the sink doing dishes, do calf raises.  While you’re watching tv, get on the floor and plank.  Take an extra flight of stairs.  Do squats while you brush your teeth.  Walk around the block if you have a minute.  Tighten your stomach muscles every time you think of it.  Stand or sit a bit taller if you notice yourself slouching.    

     4.  Make it part of play time

Play with your kids.  Take them to the park after school and play tag.  It will help them decompress from the day and will give you a chance to get some exercise.  Walk around the playground while they’re playing.  

     5.  Make use of waiting time

Have to pick up the kids from practice?   Arrive a few minutes early and walk in the parking lot while you’re waiting.  Instead of sitting in the pick up line at school, park the car and walk.  

     6.  Find an at-home workout 

Working out at home saves so much time.  You don’t have to factor in drive time to and from the gym.  You can get up in the morning or come straight home from work, put on your sneakers and off you go.  Put that DVD in and hit play.  Or pull up a video online and get going.  

     7.  Turn common chores into a workout 

When you’re mopping, really focus on using those arms.  Carry the vacuum up and down the steps.  If you’re cleaning 2 floors of your house, do one thing upstairs then go downstairs and do a chore there then go back upstairs.  This just gets you going up and down those steps more often.  Work a little faster.  Push a little harder.  


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Tell me…..

Do you struggle with time or motivation to exercise?  If so, which suggestion from above do you think you could try?

What other ways do you find to work in time for exercise when schedule is tight or motivation is lacking?  
Ps. Do you have a workout I should pin to my workout board?  Email the link to  and I’ll add it!

For more accountability, check out my next coaching group.  We have daily check ins and encourage each other to get in our daily exercise.  My next email will have a special price just for my weekly readers!  Sign up today.  Email goes out on Tuesday.  

Eat and Enjoy: Why It’s Okay to Have That Soda or Those Chips

“Food doesn’t exist simply to sustain our bodies.  It also exists to sustain our souls and bring us pleasure.”  ~ Mark Remy  

eat and enjoy

It’s okay to eat food and enjoy it.  It’s okay to choose foods, because they taste good.  It’s okay to eat something with no nutritional value.  

I think too often we get it in our heads that food is the enemy and that if it tastes good it must not be good for us.  We punish ourselves by eating tiny portions or eating only grilled chicken and veggies.  

Yes, we need to fill our bodies with mostly healthy foods, and we can make healthy foods taste good.  And healthy food DOES taste good.  But, it’s okay to eat something without considering its nutritional value.  

I read this quote and an article by Mark Remy a few years ago, and as I sat to write this blog about how I feel about this topic, I decided  I can’t say it any better than he does.  So I encourage you to read the column yourself.  I don’t want to end up quoting his entire article here.


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There’s just something about carbonation after a long hot workout.  I know many times during training after a long ride or run the only thing that quenches my thirst is a soda or beer!    

My husband and I rarely go to a movie.  But when we do, we’ll get popcorn.  There’s just something about sharing popcorn and watching a movie.  

It really is okay to just enjoy an occasion and whatever it brings with it, if it is soda and chips.  

For most of us, these occasions don’t happen everyday.  We can’t stop living and enjoying life in the name of health and fitness.  In fact, I would argue that part of healthy living is enjoying little pleasures here and there whatever your pleasure may be.  

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Tell me….

What is something you enjoy because it just tastes good?  No thoughts on nutritional value.


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